Speech & Drama


“All the world’s a stage
and one man in his time plays many parts”

William Shakespeare – ‘As You Like It’

Patricia has taught thousands of children and adults to become confident, expressive communicators.

Skills for life are acquired through training in Speech and Drama.

Many of Patricia’s pupils have progressed to work in professional theatre and radio. Many others have moved into professions for which clear and confident speech is an essential requirement.

Patricia offers training which covers all areas of Oral Communication and Performance.

Students often choose to take Ofqual accredited examinations offered by LAMDA, Trinity College, London, New Era Academy and Victoria College, London.

At higher levels UCAS points are gained for students aiming at university applications.

These examinations, suitable for adults and children, range from Introductory to Advanced Level in:

Speaking of Verse and Prose




Public Speaking


Reading for Performance




Devising Drama




English as an Additional Language


Reading a playscript

Rehearsing ‘Bracken Moor’
by Alexi Kaye Campbell

Speech and Drama introduces children to a wealth of literature, classic and contemporary.


Speech and drama training provides great opportunities to act in plays from the beginning of theatre to the present day.


“I have had a dream, past the wit of man to say what dream it was,” says Bottom, the great comedy character of the play, who finds himself transformed with the head of an ass and wooed by the Fairy Queen. One of Shakespeare’s earliest comedies and still one of his most popular, this is a play of fairies, magic and absurdity.

Drama as we know it began on a hillside in Athens in the 5th Century B.C. The playwrights of the time – Aeschylus, Euripides and Sophocles – are still renowned today and performances of their work continue, both in their original translated form and as adaptations.


There are many performance festivals held across the country which afford students the opportunity to take part in on-stage competitions regulated by The British & International Federation of Festivals.

Patricia can assist in preparing students for auditions and interviews.

Email:   contact@thespecialistspeechstudio.com


Fees vary in accordance with the age of the student, and the lesson format i.e. solo or shared

Paired lessons are possible provided the two students are of similar age, occupy the same space and have sufficient room in which to move freely.

In addition to the lesson, there will be plenty for students to rehearse and learn at home.

A term comprises ten lessons.

Please contact Patricia for charges.

Tel: 07759 421098

Preparation for P.CertLAM:

£55.00 per one-hour lesson for ages over 18 years

Preparation for Diplomas:

£60.00 per one-hour lesson for ages over 18 years

Please see the other sections for dedicated Voice or Speech coaching where a detailed, highly specialised, personal approach may be needed, including, for example, with accent reduction.

Amateur Actors to Professional Performers