Public Speaking



“Words – the magic signs that conjure up a world”

George Eliot – Romola

George Eliot was an artist with language but even she became increasingly aware that if words were to exercise their magic fully, more was needed than a simple text.

  • Do you need to create the magic of words with expressive speaking?
  • Do you need to make a positive impact rapidly?
  • Are you able to conjure up the world of your ideas persuasively for your listeners by a skilful choice of words?
  • Are you able to inform your listeners with a voice and manner which stimulates interest and sustains engagement?
  • Is your speech energetic and distinct?
  • Is your message clear?
  • Are you fearful of speaking to an audience?
  • Are you worried about fluency and flow?
  • Is your presentation selling your products and services?

Much more, indeed, is needed than a simple text.

But knowledge, training and practice make perfect.

Qualifications in Public Speaking

Ofqual accredited examinations providing internationally recognised certificates are available at various stages of your development, should you wish to achieve them.

At higher levels, UCAS points are gained for students aiming at university applications.

Graded assessments are provided by:

LAMDA, Trinity College, London
New Era Academy & Victoria College, London

Detailed training is intended for adults, particularly business professionals,  but children also can be taught successfully to deliver speeches appropriate to their needs. For children, please see the Speech and Drama page.



Adults – £50 per hour
(half-hour lessons available)

Corporate Professionals  –  £60.00 per hour

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‘Talking and eloquence are not the same: to speak and to speak well, are two things’

– Ben Jonson

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