Voice Coaching



“Stay, you imperfect speakers, tell me more”

William Shakespeare –“Macbeth”

  • Are you looking to repair, improve or develop your voice for your own well-being?
  • Are you seeking particular vocal skills for your job?
  • Do you feel the need to be more confident in your communication?
  • Are you looking to reduce an accent, whether British regional, or foreign?
  • Does your voice reflect the gender with which you identify?

VOICE is a two-way phenomenon

The sound of your voice is crucial to how you are perceived and assessed.      Does your voice transfer the message about you accurately?

Voice in the Workplace

Your clarity of speech, energy, confidence and expression will influence people.

The quality of your voice can make a significant difference to your effectiveness.

Professional Voice Coaching is a major asset for those requiring presentation skills.

A pleasant tone and clear speech is highly desirable for those in customer-facing employment and vital for those in call-centres or operating at the end of a business telephone. A strong accent, whether regional or foreign, can prevent your being easily understood.

Voice Coaching will necessarily include many elements outlined under ‘Speech Training’ since the two are interwoven. (No additional fee will be incurred.)

Voice Problems

Many misuses of voice can hinder effective communication: 

Poor audibility or excessive volume, breathiness, monotonous pitching, lack of resonance, croakiness, nasality, roughness, rasping, tension and shrillness,  over-pacing, weak articulation  – all aspects work against a rich, warm tone and lively, comprehensible speech.

Breath and how it is correctly controlled is fundamental to clear, audible speech and preventing vocal damage. Learn to breathe to aid your voice and keep it healthy.

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The Vocal Tract


Vocal Folds

Open during breathing

Closed during speech


Adults – £50 per hour

(half-hour lessons available)

Corporate Professionals – £60.00 per hour


Vary Your Voice, Master Modulation